When Inserted This Chip Can…

Apr 22, 2022 | News

When Inserted this Chips Can… There have been massive advances in technology of all types, including what we commonly refer to as, “chips,” over the past recent years. Microchips continually shrink in size while gaining in the volume of information for which they can contain. And what was once considered “Syfy” in the use of these chips, has quickly become our reality. We can have chips implanted in our pets as well as in our bodies. People are lining up to receive chips implanted in their hands. These chips can be programmed to open doors and pay for items with just a quick wave of your hand. There is a world leader who has predicted that brain microchips are soon to be a reality. What could all of this mean? Are these instruments in which the enemy will use to control the human race in order to forcibly implement the mark of the beast? So many ethical questions are wrapped up in tiny microchips that people are now accepting, as new chips are on the way. Join Pastor Kenny and Chris Shelton as they delve into this all-important 3-part series, “When Inserted This Chip Can…”

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Part 3 will be available to stream on YouTube Friday, May 6 at 3:00 PM CT

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