When Error is Forced Upon Us!

Jan 29, 2021 | News, Video

When Error Is Forced Upon Us” for centuries the enemy of souls has worked in countless ways to deceive or even force God’s people into believing “error” when it comes to how/who we worship. Why? Because he knows better than we that it is the TRUTH that sets us free from sin. John 8:31-32. It is abiding by God’s Words, and NOT the word of man, that will make us a true disciple of Christ! Anything less, and we become a disciple of Satan. Sadly, Satan has worked, and is working, and will continue to work through our legislative powers as our generation has experienced in recent years with the passing of new laws that totally contradict the Word of God.

As Christians, we have a very difficult decision to make under these circumstances; do we compromise our conscience? or do we remain faithful to God? Remaining faithful is an easy choice unless it is followed by ridicule, jail, loss of money, or even death. Many have been faced with these consequences in the past; and Scripture points out that, we will face these consequences again at the time of the end. So, where will you stand “When Error Is Forced Upon Us”? Study this message with Pastor Kenny and Chris Shelton and prayerfully become more grounded in standing firm for the TRUTH!

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