What Sank the Titanic?

Dec 7, 2021 | News, Video

“What Sank the Titanic?” Had you heard the shout, “An iceberg!” in the open seas during a heavy fog, you would, no doubt, have been tempted to shutter in absolute fear for your life! However, those upon the Titanic had, perhaps, more confidence in this ship than they should have. In fact, it is recorded that someone claims to have heard ship Capt. Edward John Smith say, “Even God himself couldn’t sink this ship.” The crew were perhaps too at ease when it came to protocol that possibly could have saved their lives, and the many, many lives of their passengers, had they been more vigilant before meeting this iceberg that dreadful, foggy, night.

Some experts now agree that had they met the iceberg head-on, perhaps the ship would not have sunk. And some have hypothesized that had they not tried to reverse to slow the ship, she would have made the turn away from danger. There are many spiritual lessons that we can glean from studying why the Titanic sank. And I believe that we do just that as you take time to study along with Pastor Kenny & Chris Shelton as they share, “What Sank the Titanic?” 

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