Vaccines for the Common Good

Oct 2, 2020 | News, Video

Vaccines are changing in how they are scientifically made. The World Health Organization has confirmed that, “The field of DNA vaccination is developing rapidly. Vaccines currently being developed use not only DNA, but also include adjuncts that assist DNA to enter cells, target it towards specific cells, or that may act as adjuvants in stimulating or directing the immune response. Ultimately, the distinction between a sophisticated DNA vaccine and a simple viral vector may not be clear.” Learn more about these alarming changes in “VACCINES for the Common Good” and by visiting the World Health Organization website:

DNA? Is it possible that like genetically modified foods, our DNA is being genetically modified by these new advances in vaccines? We need to study, pray, and ask God what choice He would have us make in accepting them into our body temples. These new vaccines appear to be a moral issue, as well as, a physical issue that we as God’s people are facing! So, please join Pastor Kenny and Chris Shelton as they present, “VACCINES for the Common Good”!

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