Two Types of the Remnant

Aug 28, 2020 | Annocements, Video

Two Types of the Remnant?

Who, might those groups be?

Are we somehow connected with one, or another, of these groups?
Study along with Evangelist Dakota Day as he takes a biblical look into the lives of Abraham and Lot, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and more, to discover what the “Two Types of the Remnant” are and how they apply to God’s last day church. You will be blessed with friends from 3ABN with special music by, Ryan Day who is accompanied by, Tim Parton on the piano.

So grab your Bible and join Behold the Lamb Ministries in studying “Two Types of the Remnant”.

With special music by Ryan Day and Piano accompaniment by Tim Parton.

(Update) Airing on 3ABN next week:

Monday, August 31, at 12:00p,

Tuesday, September 1, at 9:00p

Friday, September 4, at 1:00p

Watch on YouTube:

We look forward to you picking up your Bible and studying along with us!

PRESSED FOR TIME? Watch the highlight presentation of this program:

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