The Great RESET – Transforming the World

Aug 21, 2020 | News, Video

There appears to be a steady movement by a few wealthy, and powerful, individuals whose goals, it appears, is to change our world as we know it. Pastor Kenny will be bringing us researched information to update us as to what the ultimate goals of this “RESET Movement” really are in “The Great RESET – Transforming the World.”

Their goals appear to be a shift from our capitalist society to a socialistic system. Apparently, this movement has been making its way in the shadows for years. But with what we are experiencing with numerous riots, socialistic labor-union demands, and money shortages, is it possible that this “RESET Movement” is stepping into the light to push their agendas? And what affect will this possible have upon God’s people in a land where we have long experienced freedom of religion? Is this part of prophecy?

Join Pastor Kenny and Chris Shelton to study together, “The Great RESET – Transforming the World.”  

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