The Golden Calf – A Two-Part Series

Jul 30, 2021 | News, Video

The Golden Calf – Part 1

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”! John 8:32. Had only Aaron stood for the Truth no matter the consequences, 3000 souls would not have perished in their sins! And now, what about us? Are we willing to stand for the Truth—the all-important TRUTH that will make us free from sin? Could God be calling each of us to hold back the winds of apostasy and save souls from perishing by daily standing firm upon His Word no matter what is believed, or taught, of others? People are searching for a Saviour.

They want to know what the TRUTH is. Will YOU be willing to stand as firm as steel upon the Word of God even though the mixed multitudes are calling the Bible outdated, a hate-crime book, racist? Friends, we have a Heaven to gain and a hell to shun—what will be your choice? Join Pastor Kenny & Chris Shelton for, “The Golden Calf.” 

Watch Part 1 of “The Golden Calf,” on youtube:

PRESSED FOR TIME? Watch the highlight presentation of “The Golden Calf,” Part 1 on YouTube:

This story is found in Exodus chapter 32, at a time when the Israelites had not long been freed from the slavery of the Egyptians in a simply miraculous fashion; and yet, they slipped right back into sin once Moses had been out of their sight upon Mount Sinai for 40 days and nights. I’m sure that as you have read this story, you’ve often wondered just “how” these people who had literally experienced God’s presence, and His leading, just a few short days prior to this incident, could have fallen so far back into the sins of Egypt? Why? Why did this happen? Why would they so quickly turn and denounce their Saviour who had just freed them from the horrors of slavery? Pastor Kenny Shelton is going to address this question by asking “why;” and glean from this story vital spiritual lessons, reproofs, and warnings for us today. So, we hope that you will take the time to join Pastor Kenny and Chris Shelton for part 2 of, “The Golden Calf.”

Watch Part 2 of “The Golden Calf,” on youtube:

PRESSED FOR TIME? Watch the highlight presentation of “The Golden Calf,” Part 2 on YouTube:

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