The Coming Global Political & Economic Control

Apr 23, 2021 | News, Video

Join Pastor Kenny Shelton for this 2-part series, “The Coming Global, Political, & Economic Control.” The title alone is alarming! It echoes the CONCERN felt by the majority of Americans as we sit back and are basically told that we can no longer believe what we witness, nor what we hear, only what BIG TECH and BIG MEDIA says, or defines, how we are to believe! What is this all leading to? Is there an undercurrent of control that is reshaping America? Sure, there are CONSPIRACY THEORIES in large circulation. But is it possible that the TRUE conspiracists are those whom we are told to believe??? Does the Bible refer to such drastic changes before the return of Christ? How will these changes affect us as individuals? And what must we do to be ready? 

“The Coming Global, Political, & Economic Control,” with Pastor Kenny Shelton is just a click away!  

Watch “The Coming Global, Political, & Economic Control” Part 1:

Watch “The Coming Global, Political, & Economic Control” Part 2:

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