The Church Militant Becomes the Church Triumphant – part 3

Jul 10, 2020 | News, Video

The enemy has people he is able to use to oppose the people of God. We are in a spiritual warfare. Whether we realize it or not, the Bible teaches that there are only two classes of people—those who are lost and those who are saved. So, we have a choice to make.

We need to decide in which confederacy we desire to be a part of. And as time marches forward, ever so quickly, to the coming of Christ, we will be persecuted for lifting up the truth of God’s Word; we will be persecuted for presenting Bible prophecy which includes the mentioning of the Papacy; we will be persecuted for upholding the Bible Sabbath. The good news, “The Church Militant Becomes the Church Triumphant”! 

We invite you to study this issue with Pastor Kenny Sheltonand we pray that you will decide to take your stand on God’s side! In this message, “The Church Militant Becomes the Church Triumphant,” Part 3, you will also discover what the mark of the beast is. Are you ready to hear, learn, and follow the truth with a thankful heart? 

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