Stories From People Who's Lives Were Changed!

“Hey Pastor Kenny,

You don’t know me but I watch Behold the Lamb Presents all the time, and I love your ministry, and I love 3ABN.  Praise God I found you at 3am one morning, but I really needed it and now by God’s grace, I’m a Seventh-Day Adventist.  

Will see you in heaven.”


“Dear Pastor Kenny & Wife,

I really enjoy your ministry, you tell it like it is not holding back. God bless & Keep up the Wonderful work!”

Beverly R

Tennessee, USA

“Dear Pastor Kenny & Chris Shelton,

We Live in Australia and every Monday evening at 8:00pm (our time) we watch the sermon that you present.  What a blessing your messages are to us and we eagerly anticipate them each week.  We live in a world of sin but we have a wonderful hop for the future.  We believe we are living in the very last days and satan is working overtime in our churches.  So many things have crept into our church, very subtle at first, but quite openly now and we need to be so alert and mindful of the teachings of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy so that we are not deceived.  Jesus mentioned several times “do not be deceived” and we need to live close to him Daily.  We just wanted to thank you for this wonderful ministry and the powerful messages that are presented weekly.  God bless you both in this encouraging ministry.”

Bob & Gay G


“Dear Kenny & Wife,
Thank you for your wonderful sermons!! …Our love & prayer.  We love hearing all of ‘Behold the Lamb.’  Thank you for making your sermons so urgent.”
Darlene & Stanley M

Wisconsin, USA

“Dear Kenny,
I want to thank you and your church for the faithful sending of BTLM DVD sermons.  I still play them Sunday at 8pm and Wednesday at 8pm at Port Jervis, NY, Access TV Channel 23 which covers a 40-mile area. The Lord will soon be in the clouds; get ready, get ready, time is almost over. May the Lord bless.”
Ray & Joanne B.

New York, USA

“Bless your ministry”
Sandra W

Arkansas, USA

“Behold the Lamb:
We so very much enjoy your sermons from both of you!  May we ALL be READY when Jesus comes!”
Darlene M

Wisconsin, USA

Praise God for you Kenny, and Chris, for preaching the gospel.  God bless our gift to further the Kingdom. John 3:16 & 17”
Tillie K

Kansas, USA

“Dear Pastor and your dear wife,
even when I did not have money to send to your ministry, you never stopped sending me DVDs. Thank you so much!”
Francina D

Florida, USA

“God bless your work.”
Karen T

California, USA

“To Behold the Lamb Ministries,

Warm Christian greetings to you. I also appreciate your ministry very much. After I view the monthly DVDs you send me, I send them to Papua New Guinea. I have 4-lady pen pals, and 5 children that I send things to in that country every year. They love the truth-filled DVDs, and other things, I send. In their church (conference SDA church), they have a library where they let the members check out the DVDs that I send. They don’t read English well and some cannot read at all, so the DVDs are just the thing for them, and they love them. I have include a check. for you. I believe that you preach present truth and the Gospel in its’ purity. I love the ‘Spirit of Prophecy,’ it makes things so clear. I pray that your faith will always bring you peace, and my God’s love always fill you heart with joy. Sincerely, your sister in Christ.”

Maxine T

California, USA

“Been watching you on 3ABN.  Thank you!  You are a blessing to me.”

“Dear BTL,

Love what you do. Keep up the truth.  I’ve been a long time viewer… We love you all. May God continue to bless 3ABN (family of programs) and keep you all safe and healthy. Jesus is LORD!”

Mark H

California, USA

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