Socialistic Ideas: Not God’s Plan

Aug 11, 2021 | Video

“SOCIALISTIC IDEAS: NOT GOD’S PLAN!” Many Americans are scratching their heads these days trying to decide if these socialistic ideas of political, social, economic, and social ownership are a way of life that we want to fully adopt here in America. So as with most any subject that we want to learn more about, we turn to God’s Word and see if that subject is presented in Scripture; or if the fundamental principles of a particular subject, such as this one, is addressed.

If it is, or if there are principles in God’s Word that would apply, then we know that we have an absolute teaching of truth from which to ascertain and gain a clear path of understanding upon. And of course, should “Socialistic Ideas” be fully implemented in America, they would clearly affect us all in the way we live, worship, work, travel, and even how we interact with one another. From our understanding of Socialistic Ideology and its connection with doing what is right for the “common good of all,” we believe that living in, or adopting, this type of society, would no doubt have a great bearing upon what we would be allowed to “legally” teach from God’s Word, or don’t teach from His Word for that matter. Join Pastor Kenny & Chris Shelton as they share what they have discovered as we study together, “SOCIALISTIC IDEAS: NOT GOD’S PLAN!”

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