Poisonous Doctrines Make Up Babylon’s Wine

Oct 30, 2020 | News, Video

A message that I hope you will study closely, so as NOT to be deceived by what is truly doctrines of devils! Satan is out to kill, steal, and to destroy. He uses any, and all, types of spiritual deceptions mingled with miracles, sorcery, and just enough TRUTH to totally confuse our minds IF our minds are NOT continually stayed upon Christ! WE NEED NOT BE SATAN’S PREY! There is Power in studying God’s Word! Every day each of us MUST put on the whole armor of God—His armor of protection to keep us from “drinking the wine of Babylon” through the enemy’s deception. These doctrines are POISON! And POISON kills! But praise God that He still sits on the throne and is willing, and able, to seek and to save each of us who is lost but striving by His grace and strength to know what truth is so as NOT to be deceived! So join Pastor Kenny & Chris Shelton as they present, “Poisonous Doctrines Make Up Babylon’s Wine.”

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