Out of Darkness Comes LIGHT! – A Two-Part Series

Aug 13, 2021 | News, Video

Have you ever wondered what our world was like when our Lord and Saviour arrived as a new-born Baby in a manger? In this message, Pastor Kenny Shelton will take us through a study of that day and time; while comparing it to the moral decay and degradation our world is swiftly sinking into today. Could it be that our world will be as bad, or worse, than it was at the time of Christ’s first coming again at His second coming? But be of good courage. Christ will never leave or forsake His children.

Oh, to open all of our eyes spiritually and pull back the curtain in this spiritual warfare and witness how Christ is ever protecting, guiding, and directing us on our paths to the Kingdom of Heaven! “Out of Darkness Comes LIGHT!” Part 1, is the title of this message with Pastor Kenny Shelton and hosted by, Chris Shelton.

Watch the Full-length program:

PRESSED FOR TIME? Watch the highlight presentation of “Out of Darkness Comes LIGHT!” – Part 1 on YouTube:

In “Out of Darkness Comes LIGHT!” Part 2 We discover.

When we study the Bible, we begin to discover many patterns; various spiritual applications for literal events that have taken place in history and recorded in the Scriptures. Some have discovered the plan of salvation through interpretations of names, and so on. What Pastor Kenny is leading us to understand through this 2-part series, “Out of Darkness Comes LIGHT,” is that there are similar circumstances that were occurring at the time of Christ’s first advent that will be occurring at the time of His second advent.

Circumstances such as are occurring at this time of tension with COVID, racial, political, financial, climate change and the union crisis. The enemy is blatantly showing his power to control the masses as our cities are crumbling under his anarchy. Disasters by land, sea, and air are fueling the fires of human heartaches. Is there LIGHT at the end of this wretched tunnel of darkness? Study along with Pastor Kenny & Chris Shelton in this message again entitled, “Out of Darkness Comes LIGHT,” Part 2. Rest assured that the LIGHT of Truth, and Power, will prevail!

Watch Part 2 on YouTube:

PRESSED FOR TIME? Watch the highlight presentation of “Out of Darkness Comes LIGHT!” – Part 2 on YouTube:

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