Sharing God’s Love Bible Study Guides

Have you ever wanted an easy biblical way to share your love of Christ to the world? If you answered yes, than you’ve come to the right place! Behold the Lamb Ministries (BTLM) has partnered with United Prison Ministries International (UPMI), to bring you the “Sharing God’s Love” Bible Study Guide, free with your donation for one of the 25 accompanying “Behold the Lamb Presents” programs. With this study guide you can host Bible studies directly from the Bible, or you can order a box of study guides to pass them out as you make contact with the people in your community that desperately need the word of God. Here are the prices for the study guides: –A box of 25 is just $25.00. –A box of 100 is just a dollar a piece at $100.00. –Or if your feeling ambitious, a box of 300 is only $250.00...

Welcome to Our New Website

The New Behold the Lamb Ministries Website Launched on Feburary 22, 2019. Welcome back!!!  We want to give you a short synopsis for navigating our website: --Our current ministry updates will be found on our “News” page.   --You may learn more about BTLM, and its inception, by visiting our “About” page.   --Then be blessed to read testimonies from our viewers, and supporters, on our “Testimonies” page.   --Want to contact us?  We make this easy on our “Contact” page.   --Until our "Product" page is fully up and running, we have currently made our products available by title on our product page. --And PLEASE don't forget, we need your support to enable us to continue to produce these Spirit-filled messages in preparation for our Lord's soon return.  So prayerfully consider visiting our...

Sharing Gods Love 25 Disc Collection

3ABN just started airing the Sharing God’s Love 25-part series. We usually release individual programs on DVDs for a suggested donation of $8, or more.  But since this is a 25-part series, we have decided to release a 25 Disc collection for a suggested donation of $175, or more in beautifully designed DVD cases– so, get your 25 DVD set today! The full 25-part series is also available on 8 DVDs in paper sleeves for a suggested donation of $100, or more.

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