National Apostasy Followed by National Ruin – Part 1

Oct 9, 2020 | News, Video

Today we are beginning a two-part series entitled, “National Apostasy Followed by National Ruin.” Apostasy means, “The abandonment or renunciation of a religious or political belief.” And, oh, how well that definition fits many of our churches and our Nation at this very moment! In this first message, we will also examine current events in our Nation—the United States of America, in the LIGHT of Bible prophecy. The US is a country that is very rapidly is being torn apart by waves of anarchy, looting, violent murders, and a strong push towards socialism with a movement to disband our capitalistic society. Does the Bible, or Spirit of Prophecy, have anything to say about these events or where they are leading? You bet that they do! And we are looking forward to what the Lord has placed upon Pastor Kenny Shelton’s heart to share with us. Why? So that we may know where our allegiance must lie if Heaven is to be our home.

We need to understand this message so that we are NOT deceived by the apostasies in the church or in our Nation as the line between them is being blurred as protestant churches are becoming more, and more, involved in politics. We need to understand warnings that God has given us in His Word and the Spirit of Prophecy so that we are NOT totally shocked when these events bring about a time of trouble for each of God’s children—a time when all of our earthly support will be completely severed. God is urgently calling for us to, “Come out of her, come out of her if we are His people so that we will avoid the judgments that are to fall upon this world as a result of this apostasy! So, please pray and study along with Pastor Kenny and Chris Shelton as they present, “National Apostasy Followed by National Ruin.”

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