Mar 11, 2022 | News, Video

Since the first war broke out in Heaven, there has been a division over God’s law. Lucifer came to the point in the gates of glory, that he promoted that God’s law was no longer necessary for the angels of Heaven to be good. And several thousand years later, the same old lie is being propagated throughout Christendom and the world. Many Christians proclaim that God’s law was nailed to the cross and is no longer binding. We are currently hearing thousands in our world is shouting, “Defund the police! We no longer need police officers for law and order—we can all be civil on our own accord.” Well, as far as civility, I wish that were true. Our All-Knowing Heavenly Father knows that as free-moral agents who are growing and learning moment by moment, day by day, and that we must have a standard of righteousness—a moral absolute, in order to learn and pattern our lives after righteousness. Without such a pattern, anarchy occurs on every level. “Lawlessness” is the title of today’s important message with Pastor Kenny Shelton and Chris Shelton. We pray that it will give you spiritual insight in this great controversy over LAW.

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