Labor Unions: A Sign of the End

Jan 28, 2022 | News, Video

Labor Unions: A Sign of the End. We’ve witnessed the power of unions to control our lives through decisions that they have made for decades and most recently with the education of our precious children, or the lack thereof, during a time of health concerns. We don’t believe that the initial reasoning for the development of the labor unions were all bad. And certainly, they have helped individuals at times over the years. But, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely!” 

The mentality of the unions is power without regard for the human rights of others outside of their union in many cases. Pastor Kenny has experienced this life-threatening power from labor unions firsthand. And we thank the God of Heaven for sending him help at just the times that he needed it to preserve his life! Do we have any counsel in which to follow in regards to unions? As Christians, should we join a union? Why? or why not? How are unions playing a part in the closing scenes of this world’s history? We invite you to study along with Pastor Kenny & Chris Shelton as they present, “Labor Unions: A Sign of the End.”

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