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Nov 19, 2019 | Archive


After praying about what we should share with you in this “update,” the words, “get ready, get ready, get ready,” swiftly came to my mind. I knew I had read them before somewhere. So upon doing a word search for them among Mrs. White’s writings, I found a quote (see below) that I felt was so very pertinent to share with God’s people. It so adequately summarizes our heart’s burden and the work of this ministry. The more we study, the more we have an overwhelming sense of our sinful, sleeping condition—and the more we see our nation, our loved ones, and our friends becoming drunk with lawlessness and immorality. The enemy of souls never slumbers or sleeps, and he is doing his job of diverting the minds of men from the truth very, very well! You’ve heard it said from this ministry so many times in the past that the “truth” of God’s Word is becoming “error,” and “error,” is becoming “truth” in the minds of the masses. Our hearts ache as we see even the leaders of our nation reversing their long-held beliefs and accepting immorality as acceptable behavior! I can’t tell you how many times Pastor Kenny and myself have heard news anchors in the past few months justify immoral behavior as being OK now because “it’s now 2013!” As if the year itself has the power to change behavior that the God of Heaven states is an abomination to Him! Friends, our legislators are now passing bills, new laws, legalizing immoral lifestyles. And those who are doing their best to speak up against it are now labeled as the trouble makers, haters, Christians who do not have the love of Christ in their hearts! Can you see what’s happening! As a whole nation, we have been brainwashed through the media, schools, and congregations to accept the enemy’s theology and feel justified in NOT accepting all of God’s Word as our moral standard!


“I saw that the strong hand of the enemy is set against the work, and the help and strength of everyone who loves the cause of truth, should be enlisted; and great interest manifested by them to uphold the hands of those who advocate the truth. And by steady watch-care, shut out the enemy. All should stand as one, united in this work. Every energy of their soul should be awake; for what is done must be done quickly.

“I then saw the third angel. Said my accompanying angel, ‘Fearful is his work. Awful is his mission. He is the angel that is to select the wheat from the tares and seal or bind the wheat for the heavenly garner. These things should engross the whole mind, the whole attention.’ “Some, I saw, had not a realizing sense of the importance of the truth, or its effects, and often moved from the impulse of the moment, or from excitement, following their feelings, and disregarding church order, thinking that religion consists chiefly in making a noise. Some who have but just received the truth of the third angel’s message, are ready to reprove and teach those who have been established in the truth for years, and have felt its sanctifying power, and have suffered for the truth’s sake. Those who are so puffed up by the enemy will have to feel the sanctifying influence of the truth, and will have to have a realizing sense of where the truth found them, and how; that they were ‘wretched, miserable, and poor and blind and naked.’ “When the truth begins to purify them and purge away their dross and tin, as it surely will when it is received, in the love of it, the one who has this great work done for him will not feel that he is rich and increased in goods, and has need of nothing. “Those who profess the truth, and before they have learned its first principles, think they know it all, and are forward to take the place of teachers, and reprove those who for years have stood stiffly for the truth, plainly show that they have no understanding of the truth, and know none of its effects; for if they knew any of its sanctifying power, they would yield the peaceable fruits of righteousness, and be humbled under its sweet, powerful influence. They would bear fruit to the glory of God, and understand what the truth has done for them, and esteem others better than themselves.

“I saw that the remnant were not prepared for what is coming upon the earth. Stupidity, like the lethargy, seemed to hang upon the minds of most of those who profess to believe that we are having the last message. My accompanying angel cried out with awful solemnity, ‘Get ready! get ready! get ready! for the fierce anger of the Lord is soon to come. His wrath is to be poured out unmixed with mercy, and ye are not ready. Rend the heart, and not the garment. A great work must be done for the remnant. They are, many of them, dwelling upon little trials.’ Said the angel, ‘Legions of evil angels are around you, and are trying to press in their awful darkness, that ye may be ensnared and taken. Ye suffer your mind to be diverted too readily from the work of preparation, and the all-important truths for these last days. And ye dwell upon little trials, and go into minute particulars of little difficulties to explain them to the satisfaction of this one or that.’ Conversation has been protracted [drawn out/lengthened in time] for hours between the parties concerned, and not only has their time been wasted, but the servants of God are held to listen to them, when the hearts of both parties are unsubdued by grace. If pride and selfishness were laid aside, five minutes would remove most difficulties. Hours have been spent in justifying self, which has grieved angels, and displeased God. I saw that God will not wait and bow down and listen to long justifications, and he did not want his servants to do so, and precious time be wasted, that should be spent in showing transgressors the error of their ways, and pulling souls out of the fire.
“I saw that God’s people were on the enchanted ground; and some have lost nearly all sense of the shortness of time, and the worth of the soul. Pride has crept in among Sabbath- keepers, pride of dress and appearance. Said the angel, ‘Sabbath-keepers will have to die to self, die to pride and love of approbation [praise].’
“Truth, saving truth, must be given to the starving people, who are in darkness. I saw that many prayed for God to humble them; but if God answered their prayer, it would be by terrible things in righteousness. It was their duty to humble themselves. I saw that if self-exaltation was suffered to come in, it would surely lead souls astray, and if not overcome, prove their ruin. When one begins to get lifted up in his own eyes, and thinks he can do something, the Spirit of God is withdrawn, and he goes on in his own strength until he is overthrown. One saint, I saw, could move the arm of God if he were right; but a multitude together, if they were wrong, would be weak, and could effect nothing.
“I saw that many had unsubdued, unhumbled hearts, and were thinking more of their own little grievances and trials than the souls of sinners. If they had the glory of God in view, they would feel for perishing souls around them; and as they realized their perilous situation, would take hold with energy, exercising faith in God, and hold up the hands of his servants, that they may boldly, yet in love, declare the truth, and warn souls to lay hold upon it, before the sweet voice of mercy dies away.

“Said the angel, ‘Those who profess His name are not ready.’ I saw the seven last plagues were coming upon the shelterless heads of the wicked; and then those who have stood in their way will hear the bitter reproaches of sinners, and their hearts will faint within them.”


We are inviting God’s wrath upon ourselves—there is NO one else to blame! So, as stated in the quote above, any work that is done for the saving of souls,


Why else is Behold the Lamb Ministries in existence? Why else have we shared our need for financial and prayerful support? As the work has increased and become larger and more intense over the years, so has our need of support and unity of purpose—again as stated in the previous quote, “the help and strength of every one who loves the cause of truth, should be enlisted; and great interest manifested by them to uphold the hands of those who advocate the truth.”

Read and reread the quote at the beginning of this article. We fail to realize all that is at stake! Our hearts grieve for the salvation of souls. We pray daily for more “doors” to be open for the sharing and acceptance of truth! And, oh, how it aches to meet with people who feel that they are increased with life’s pleasures and in need of nothing! Yet, they are “blind, poor, and naked,” whose only hope of salvation is accepting Christ and following Him wherever He leads. Acceptance and following in obedience, friends, are BOTH vital to our salvation! So please don’t be fooled by thinking that you only have to “believe” and you’ll be saved. The devil “believes” and trembles!We pray daily for conviction and conversion of the thousands who have the opportunity to tune in to the God-given messages of Behold the Lamb Ministries that are currently being proclaimed via 3ABN, our website, YouTube, and the radio. We also continue to pray for more opportunities for our messages to be aired in greater frequency as well as at other times of the day so as to be heard by more people.
God has greatly blessed and humbled us with literally hundreds of calls, requests, and letters. It has been a challenge for so few of us to keep up with, but it is a challenge we NEVER want to be without! If anything, we pray that the Lord will provide more work for our ministry and more workers to help keep up with the needs of those who are hungering and thirsting for righteousness!


“Thank you for faithfully sending DVDs, etc. throughout the year. We depend on them…” Gloria J., TX.

“Praise the Lord! God’s messages through Pastor Kenny are still coming through loud and clear! …our hearts are truly blessed”!… Richard and Betty S., SC.
“…We love you all. [Through] your ministry, He gives us blessings and His help to make us stronger…” Raymond B., NY.
“…I thank you for all the DVDs you have sent me. They have helped me in my Bible studies and everyday life. The best of all of it is that a very dear friend of mine… is enjoying watching them also. She had given up on going back to church until we met again… She came back to the Lord and got re-baptized into the Jacksonville 1st Seventh-day Adventist Church… Thank you all for your ministry. It has brought me closer to God and His Son”! Bill W., FL.
“Hi, I really enjoy listening to Pastor Kenny. He doesn’t sugarcoat his sermons, he tells it like it is right out of the scriptures.” Marlene S.,
“I have been mesmerized by your last day messages, I am a Sabbath keeper for 13 years… I went to your web site and noticed you could still have time this year to visit our church. I really feel we are in need of your message… I need a revelation, and I know the Lord has impressed the Holy Spirit to give you a willing heart and mind to spread the gospel. Amen, please come.” Jeff W.,


Please keep us in your prayers and on your list to support as we work together in finishing this great work of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. In Christian love, Pastor Kenny, Sister Chris, and your BTLM family!

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