Fit to Live in the Sight of a Holy God

Sep 4, 2020 | News, Video

“Are You Qualified to Receive the Latter Rain?” is the title of the complete 5-part series that we have begun studying together. Our last study in this series was entitled, “Living in a Time of a Spiritual Emergency.” And how so very true, and timely, that message was and is. Today’s message is part 2 of the 5-part series, and it is entitled, “Fit to Live in the Sight of a Holy God.”

Remember the story of Jacob wrestling all night with a man who turned out to be God, Himself, in Genesis 32? Jacob proclaimed that he would not let this man go until He blessed him. The same is true for each of us. We should daily be wrestling in prayer for God to reveal to us those character traits we are holding on to that are literally separating us from Him. And as Jacob, don’t let go of God until He blesses you with victory over your sins! “Fit to Live in the Sight of a Holy God” is today’s study with Pastor Kenny and Chris Shelton.

If your desire is to live in Heaven someday; in the very presence of God, then this message is for YOU. In fact, this entire series of messages are lessons that we should all listen and learn from time, and time, again as we PREPARE to receive the “Latter Rain” and make Heaven our eternal home! 

The three remaining messages to come are:

“Those Living up to the Light That They Have, Will Receive Greater Light!”

“We Must Reach Full Maturity before Probation Closes”

“How to Remedy the Defects of Our Characters”

We hope you will join us for each of these important sermons!

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