Entangled and Complicated: Is God Really in Control?

Jul 9, 2021 | News, Video

“Entangled and Complicated: Is God Really in Control?” Our world is more entangled, and complicated, like nothing our generation has ever before experienced. This is CERTAINLY not to say that history hasn’t experienced much worse “entanglements and complications.” However, we are also fully aware that the entanglements, and complications, we are now experiencing are at the right time in this world’s prophetic history to usher in great, and irreversible, changes that will eventually manifest into a time of trouble like no other.

The Bible is clear about this occurrence right before our Lord, and Saviour, pierces the eastern sky to rescue His children and to save us from utter destruction. So, the question remains, “Is God Really in Control”? We hope you will find Heavenly assurance as you join Pastor Kenny & Chris Shelton to discover the answer to this important question, “Entangled and Complicated: Is God Really in Control?”

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