Diversion From Preparation

Mar 27, 2022 | Annocements, Video

We believe that God has given His Church a message for the last hours of this world’s history. It is a life-saving message. And, truly, the enemy knows that this message will lead souls to salvation in Christ! Therefore, he is busying himself laying diversions before each of us in order to kill, steal, and utterly destroy as many people as he possibly can. And, sadly, our world is reflecting his image more and more. Which only indicates that he is doing a very good job of diverting the minds and hearts of God’s children away from heart preparation! Our message is entitled, “Diversion From Preparation.” It features Ryan Day as host and singer. His song, “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus,” is sung and presented in a way that fully depicts this battle of “Diversion From Preparation” that may touch your heart in a way that this song has never done before. Pastor Kenny Shelton follows with a powerful message that will expose some of the enemy’s plan of “Diversion From Preparation.” Don’t miss out on prayerfully watching this message! 

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