Daniel’s Prophecies Unsealed!

Jan 16, 2022 | News, Video

“Daniel’s Prophecies Unsealed!” Daniel was given great prophetic visions; some of which even made him very ill. He was shown highlights of kingdoms throughout all of earth’s history, all the way up to the second coming of Christ. But the angel had instructed Daniel that some of what he had been shown was to be “shut up and sealed unto the time of the end.” And during this “time of the end,” he was shown that knowledge would increase. Certainly, knowledge has increased, but what about the “time of the end”? Has that time begun? How important are the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation? Has the book of Daniel really been UNSEALED? And how will this affect each of us? Please stay tuned to study along with Pastor Kenny & Chris Shelton as they share the answers to these questions during this message entitled, “Daniel’s Prophecies UNSEALED!” 

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