The Church Militant Becomes the Church Triumphant – Part 1

Jun 26, 2020 | News

Can God’s Church become triumphant over sin? Find out during this Behold the Lamb Ministries’ special presentation entitled, “The Church Militant Becomes the Church Triumphant,” Part 1. Together, we will dive into the parable of the wheat and the tares as found in Matthew 13:24-30. You may recall how, and why, the wheat and the tares are left to grow together until the harvest. Yet, at the harvest, the workers will store up the grain and the tares will be gathered to be burned. You may be getting a spiritual picture in your mind already as to how this scenario pertains to God’s Church and Christ’s second coming. So, let’s dig deeper into the Word together with Pastor Kenny Shelton as he presents, “The Church Militant Becomes the Church Triumphant”!

Watch on YouTube beginning June 26, at 3:00 PM CT.

PRESSED FOR TIME? Watch the highlight presentation of this program beginning on June 26, at 2:00 PM CT.

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