Are Popes Infallible?

May 21, 2021 | News, Video

With such an important claim, is it possible that God forewarned us that there would be a power on earth that would claim infallibility? After all, most would agree that God, Himself, is Infallible. Would attributing this characteristic to a person not be assuming a divine characteristic that pertains to God alone? Or, more clearly, a god on earth? These questions are just food for thought. And, no doubt, Pastor Kenny Shelton will be giving us Biblical food that we should really chew on when assuming, or accepting, the Catholic teaching that the Popes are infallible. I mean, what other religious figure in our world, do you know of, that every world leader bow in reverence to in their presence? And opens their hearts to his councils, and that are currently putting into operation his agendas especially now as we are dealing with climate change and universal unrest. So please join Pastor Kenny and Chris Shelton for this message entitled, “Are Pope’s Infallible?”

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