A World Possessed By Demons – Part 3

Aug 14, 2020 | News, Video

The war is raging on between Good and evil! “A World Possessed by Demons,” Part 3, is a continuation of a mini-series that Pastor Kenny Shelton is presenting to help prepare a people to meet their Lord and Savior at His second coming. For every Truth of God’s Word, the Devil has a counterfeit. God is still in the miracle-working business to help His children. The problem comes when the Devil counterfeits with miracles, and doctrines, that also “appear” to be of God as well! As the end of this world draws near, the Devil’s deceptions and sorcery will become more widespread and more difficult to discern.

We MUST study and KNOW the WORD of God as never before in order to remain true to God and NOT be deceived. Act 8:7 reminds us that unclean spirits, or demons, possess men! This spiritual warfare is REAL! Is it possible then that the New World Order changes and suppression we are NOW experiencing are instigated by these demons working through men in order to bring the Devil’s agenda of the world passing laws that will directly go against God’s law and bring worship to him? Climate change, spiritualism of the immortality of the soul, people proclaiming that they are speaking with the dead, Sunday sacredness, etc., MANY WILL BE DECEIVED BY THESE DOCTRINES OF DEVILS! “A World Possessed by Demons,” Part 3, is a MUST to open our eyes to the Devil’s deceptions in these last days!

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