What Difference Does it Make?  Part 1 & 2                                                                 

Is My Robe Spotless?  Parts 1 & 2

What Might Have Been

When God Says Go: Don't Linger Parts 1-3

The Battle Finally Won

Don't Wait to Make Yourself Better

Lord Save Us or We Perish

Walking With God

A Casket and a Key

Blood Bought Inheritance Parts 1 & 2

Decisions, Decisions

We Have Reasons To Believe

Seven Dispensations of Churches Parts 1-2


The Muslim World in Prophecy Parts 1-3

TThe Millennium Parts 1 & 2

Man's Final Opportunity

 Construction or Destruction

Study to Imitate

Who Does Your Mind Belong To?

I Can Give You

The Process of Purifying God's Church

Does Satan Have Control Over Your Mind?

Preparation for Heaven

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Tapping into the Source of Power

The Responsibility of Sin in the Church

Send The Little Children

The Responsibility Of The Church


Our Character Must Full Maturity

Before Probation Closes


Only Those Living Up to the Light that They Have Will Receive Greater Light Parts 1-3

The Calling of a Jesuit

Are You Qualified To Receive The Latter Rain? Parts 1 & 2

Have You Become Preoccupied?

Clean and Unclean Animals

The Voice Of Conscience

For What Do We Labor

He Always Offers Something Better

Moving In The Providence Of God (Parts 1 & 2)

Three Things The Enemy Wants You To Believe


The True Sacrifice

Jesus, Where Is He Now? (Parts 1 - 7)

A Hypocrite, a Sinner, and Judgement (Parts 1 & 2)

Burn Baby Burn




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